Lana is an incredible woman! What I love about her is that she is open minded to a taste or style different than her own and can still master it, I showed her my Pinterest boards and she integrated all of them and made my wedding absolutely perfect. The photos on her website don’t do it justice. She blows any ideas or photos out of the water. When people talk about my wedding they say all the things and then their faces LIGHT Up and they say, ‘THE FLOWERS!’


Each guest I have spoken to his truly speechless at how incredible the flowers were that night. Everything was beyond my imagination, expectation and dream. Lana follows through with all her promises, she was very personal and understood when I was nervous, anxious or worried about the wedding in any way, shape or form. Lana thought of more than me, she understands the power and impact in the details and what perfect means. Seriously, you don’t have to have any other conversations with people just go with Lana, guaranteed to exceed your expectations with love, integrity, detail and precision.
Wedding 10/10/15


Seattle Floral Design wedding


The flowers in the wedding are way beyond my imagination!!! It’s so dreamy and romantic and I felt I was a real princess that day surrounded by those fantastic flowers. My parents and friends kept talking about those flowers months after the wedding. My parents even dried my bouquet and kept it at home as a wedding souvenir. Now, by looking at the wedding pictures and videos, I can still smell the roses, remember every little detail of the grand ceremony and reception. There is no doubt that Lana has a great taste of flowers.

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What’s more, she really cares about your wedding and tries her best to make your dream wedding come true. This is very important, because only the florists those who have the great patience to listen to you and to understand you can bring your flowers dream to reality. She worked with me to make the most of the budget, gave me great suggestions about what flowers to pick up. She even sent me those pictures of the flowers as a favor to let me know what exactly the colors of the flowers will be, and make sure both of us are on the same page. By the way, Lana is every easy to communicate with and she is always on time at the appointment. Not only flowers, Lana also has a great sense of life. I like to talk with her, and I can always learn good things from her. We now even become good friends and have dinner from time to time. From her, I know how elegant a woman can be at her age. I feel so lucky to have her as my florist and also my good friend. Overall, I highly recommend Lana as your wedding florist, it’s worth every penny or even more than what you pay, plus you may gain a good friend.
Wedding 06/05/2015



From my dress to the flowers, it seemed like a dream. The wedding was in a beautiful venue but all my guests were raving about… the flowers! Working with Lana in the prep days was simply a pleasure. I first saw her work featured at the Newcastle Wedding Expo and I told my fiancé at that time, I have to have this florist!

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I told him that he can choose all the other vendors but I get to choose the florist. However, when I met her, she informed me that she might not be able to take me a client due to the fact that she had a large event the day before my wedding and it would not provide her with enough time to prep. I was devastated. Yet, she still scheduled a meeting with me to see what our alternative options may be. After speaking with her, to my surprise, she worked things out accommodated the dates to make it happen! In fact she was actually excited about doing my wedding! I was extremely happy when we officially booked her for our date. Regarding the expenses, well – all good things come at a price. However, I must say, her work is worth every penny! We figured out my budget and she worked so hard to supplement more flowers and still stay within my budget which I so greatly appreciated; she truly cared about making my wedding the absolute that it can be. Also, she is a great listener. She asked what I envisioned at my wedding and she gave lots of great advice and suggestions. I was grateful for her artistic eye and constant input. I loved that Lana acted as thought this was the most important day of HER life when I was the bride! She truly exuberates such passion and energy! She is very personable and sweet particularly with brides. She truly made me feel as though I was her only bride. More pictures …